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Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows

Australian Teaching and Learning Fellows

An online communications framework for a national network of higher education academics

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Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (ALTF) are a national network of over 100 leading higher education scholars. They collaborated with us to develop an online communications framework that would increase efficiency, reach and impact in the higher education sector. 

We worked together with ALTF to develop one, clear message that captured all that the network achieves, and the various ways in which the network is making an impact. The resulting strategy is a concise framework that consistently and efficiently communicates this message through online channels. Built upon a strong existing online communications base, the strategy has been tailored to the capacity of the ALTF team.

The implementation of this strategy will ensure that the ways in which the ALTF network is making change is continually being communicated to the broader higher education community.

Vision and message development - Online communications strategy - Social media guidelines


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