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To & Fro chats to The Architect about architectural thinking

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Loren was recently interviewed by Jaime Mayger for The Architect Magazine about the broad applications of architectural thinking. The interview, which also featured the insights of design anthropologist Dirima Cuthbert, is the first in a series of conversations with expatriates of the traditional modes of architectural practice. Many thanks to Jaime for thinking of us as a subject for your ‘Stacked’ series – we’re looking forward to the next instalment!

Below is an excerpt from the interview. Take a look at the Spring/Summer issue of The Architect for the full version.

JM: How has architecture - or the study of architecture - returned to what you’re doing now?

LH: I’d say I haven’t needed it to return - the base concepts of architecture have been essential in each step of my career so far. My business partner and co-director at To & Fro Studio, Rosie Halsmith, has a background in landscape architecture so we’re both all about using a rigorous design process to solve problems for our clients. This is definitely something that was instilled in us during our studies.

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