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Considering Australian landscape identity with WA's emerging designers

Image: Kylan Yoxall

Image: Kylan Yoxall

This semester, Rosie is teaching Australian Landscapes, a history and theory unit at the UWA School of Design. She is joined by Masters of Landscape Architecture students, as together they consider the lenses through which we view the landscape that we practice in, and on.

The group has been joined by Sandra Harben, Whadjuk/Balardong Nyungar woman, researcher and friend of To & Fro. They will also be joined by UWA researcher Fahimeh Mofrad, local landscape architect Rasheen Lee of UDLA and To & Fro’s very own Loren Holmes.

Thank you to the students of Australian Landscapes, and to the guests who have shared their knowledge and contributed to our conversation.

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