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Collaborating with the Syrinx leadership team to transform their business identity

Project: Syrinx Environmental


Syrinx Environmental is an innovative environmental design company with a diverse team of scientists, designers and engineers. The team approached us to drive a holistic brand refresh and to develop a complete communications package to clarify their multidisciplinary expertise across a varied portfolio of projects.

Following research and a series of strategic branding workshops, we created a streamlined, concise branding suite to bring clarity to Syrinx’s key message. The developed brand identity confirms Syrinx's profile as a forward-moving company, continuously innovating through their project work.  

To ensure that this identity was being communicated, we implemented the Syrinx brand across all key assets. We designed a new website, with a complementary suite of marketing collateral. We also developed a company style guide to assist Syrinx team members in consistently communicating the Syrinx brand, moving forward.

Brand identity - Brand strategy - Brand guidelines - Writing - Illustration - Website content - Document templates - Promotional material - Social media kick-start


Web development: Boris Jankovic

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